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Murder on Location Short Stories Bundle (Final 2 stories)

Murder on Location Short Stories Bundle (Final 2 stories)

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🌳Indulge in the Exclusive Murder on Location Short Story Duo 

This exclusive duo is only available here and includes the final two entries in the series:

🚤 Death in Venice

Kate and Alex are off on their honeymoon to romantic Venice, but murder spoils their trip, they postpone their gondola rides and candlelit dinners to chase down clues. 

✈️ Deadly In-Flight Dining

Kate and Alex's return flight home takes a deadly detour. What began as routine in-flight dining morphs into a deadly situation, forcing Kate and Alex to bring their sleuthing skills into action.

☕️ So brew your favorite tea and lose yourself in these quintessentially British cozy mysteries.


Every story features:

🙂 An upbeat narrative

🧩 Intriguing whodunit conundrums

🕵🏻‍♀️ Our resourceful lady detective, Kate

💬 Witty banter

🧳 Travel 


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Ebook bundle of the two Murder on Location short stories

The Murder on Location series is a collection of cozy mysteries from USA Today bestselling author Sara Rosett.

Set in picturesque British villages and historic cities, each story features the charming protagonist Kate Sharp as well as engaging characters and a compelling mystery to solve.

This EBOOK is a bundle of the final two short stories that complete the Murder on Location series and will be delivered instantly by BookFunnel email.

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More Travel and Intrigue with Kate and Alex

Experience the thrill of the chase in the picturesque city of Venice and in the high-altitude suspense of an in-flight mystery with the exclusive Murder on Location Short Story Duo.

Join Kate and Alex on their honeymoon-turned-detective adventure and a seemingly ordinary return flight that takes a deadly turn.

Included in this bundle:

Death in Venice

Deadly In-flight Dining