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Murder on Location 1-7 Bundle (EBOOK) plus two short stories (Complete series) ✅

Murder on Location 1-7 Bundle (EBOOK) plus two short stories (Complete series) ✅

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Mystery Awaits You in the English Countryside: The Complete Book Bundle! 

🔎 Midsomer Murders meets Jane Austen ⛲️

Immerse yourself in the old-world charm of the Murder on Location series with the complete series bundle.  Whether you're a mystery aficionado or a fan of the beautiful English countryside, this book bundle delivers it all!

💼 A Journey of a Lifetime

Join Kate in these whodunits as she tracks a missing boss and navigates Regency-themed house parties with perplexing locked room mysteries.

🏞️ The Allure of Nether Woodsmoor

Travel vicariously to the quaint English village of Nether Woodsmoor. If you're a fan of traditional British mysteries or the works of Jane Austen, the Murder on Location series will transport you to the heart of the English countryside.

🎁 The Ultimate Bundle

This complete book bundle includes seven mystery novels, so pour yourself a cup of tea and delve into these British cozy mysteries. 

Included in every book: 

🙂 Lighthearted tone

🧩 Whodunit puzzle mysteries

🕵🏻‍♀️ Plucky lady sleuth

💬 Banter

🏛️ British country houses

☕️ Tea, plenty of tea


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Ebook bundle of the Murder on Location series with books 1 - 7 plus two short stories

The Murder on Location series is a collection of cozy mysteries from USA Today bestselling author Sara Rosett.

Set in picturesque British villages and historic cities, each book features the charming protagonist Kate Sharp as well as engaging characters and a compelling mystery to solve.

This EBOOK is a bundle of books 1 - 7  plus two short stories in the Murder on Location series and will be delivered instantly by BookFunnel email.

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All the English village coziness in one bundle!

Whether it's Kate searching for a missing boss or attending a Regency-themed house party with a locked room mystery, the series is filled with twists, turns, and unexpected surprises.

With vivid locations that transport readers to the quaint English village of Nether Woodsmoor, fans of traditional British mysteries and the works of Jane Austen will love this delightful series.

Included in this bundle:

Death in the English Countryside

Death in an English Cottage

Death in a Stately Home

Death in an Elegant City

Menace at the Christmas Market

Death in an English Garden

Death at an English Wedding

Death in Venice (Short Story)

Deadly In-Flight Dining (Short Story)