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Death by Croquet Mallet Murder Mystery Game (PRINTABLE)

Death by Croquet Mallet Murder Mystery Game (PRINTABLE)

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An Archly Manor Murder Mystery Game

🥂 Join the party at Archly Manor and test your crime-solving abilities. 🔍

⛲️ A mix of new and familiar characters arrive for Mr. Blakely's famous Silver and Gold Party, but one guest won't go home.

In the hours before the party begins, Mr. Crumb—an unsavory sort—is murdered on the grounds with a croquet mallet. Olive Belgrave has done a little nosing around and has a list of clues and suspects for you.

🕵️‍♀️ Can you solve the case?

This self-facilitated murder mystery game can be played in real life or on a video conferencing software like Zoom.

The game is designed for 12 individual players, but more people can play if teams are created.

Estimated play time: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

✅ What's included:

  • Host instruction booklet with details on how to facilitate the game
  • 12 Character cards with description and background for each character
  • Clues: eliminate players or keep them on the suspect list
  • Modifications for larger or smaller groups
  • Instructions on how to speed up or slow down the game

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