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On The Run 1-7 Bundle (AUDIOBOOK)

On The Run 1-7 Bundle (AUDIOBOOK)

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Audiobook bundle of the On The Run series with books 1 - 7

Join free-spirited Zoe Hunter on a thrilling adventure from USA Today bestselling author Sara Rosett.

Fast-paced, intriguing, and suspenseful, the On the Run series is perfect for readers who like mystery and adventure with a lighthearted tone.

If you enjoy traveling, art theft, and a bit of romance, the grab the On the Run series and join the quirky and relatable Zoe Hunter on her intriguing travels.

Included in this bundle: 

  • Elusive

  • Secretive

  • Deceptive

  • Suspicious
  • Devious

  • Treacherous
  • Duplicity

Get the complete set of Zoe's international adventures in one bundle! 

This AUDIOBOOK is a bundle books 1 - 7 in the On the Run series and will be delivered instantly by BookFunnel email.


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Get the complete set of Zoe's international adventures in one bundle!

In the first book, Elusive, Zoe's ex goes missing along with several million dollars, and the FBI considers her a person of interest. Plunged into a world of fake identities, deception, and murder, Zoe skips town in search of answers, taking her from Las Vegas to Italy. If you love globetrotting adventure, European destinations, and a dash of romance, Elusive is the perfect book for you.

In the second book, Secretive, Zoe is back, and this time she's searching for answers about her ex's mysterious past. But as she follows the clues to London, she finds herself dodging FBI agents and thugs. Can she find her elusive ex and stay alive in the process?

In the third book, Deceptive, Zoe's client dies, and she discovers the death is linked to a stolen painting. Zoe's being set up to take the fall for both the murder and the black-market art sale, and she must team up with a former goth girl hacker, a persistent reporter, and a retired FBI agent to clear her name. From Paris to the Mediterranean coast, Zoe's hunt takes her through a maze of lies and deceit.