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Murder Among the Pyramids (AUDIOBOOK)

Murder Among the Pyramids (AUDIOBOOK)

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Release date: July 22, 2024

Escape on an Egyptian Excursion to the Land of the Pyramids! 

It’s 1924 and Blix Windway has traveled to Egypt to gather photos and information for her lecture tour, but when a murder occurs during a tour of the pyramids, Blix can’t stand by when officials sweep the death under the rug. Join Blix on this classic murder mystery set in glamorous 1920s Cairo.

This AUDIOBOOK is Book 1 in the Lady Traveler series. The audiobook is delivered through Bookfunnel. 

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Travel to 1920s Cairo in Sara Rosett's newest series

Join Blix on an Egyptian adventure with pyramids, mummies, and murder . . .

It’s 1924 and Blix Windway has made a career out of her wanderlust, giving lectures to ladies’ groups about everything from the flora of the American desert to the beauty of the Swiss Alps, but she needs new material for her talks.

She strikes what seems to be an ideal agreement with an eccentric older lady. Blix will be her travel companion during a journey to Egypt, helping to smooth the way through customs and coordinate sightseeing tours. The arrangement will provide Blix with the perfect opportunity to photograph the pyramids and gather material for her next lecture series.

But they’ve barely left England before the trouble begins—rough seas and an attempted robbery. Then a murder occurs during a tour of the pyramids.

Despite the attempts of the British officials to sweep the death under the rug, Blix becomes increasingly convinced that one of their tour party is a murderer.

Blix’s search for the truth takes her from the posh sporting clubs and lavish gardens of Cairo to the narrow, twisting lanes of the city’s centuries-old bazaar and the vast desert around the Giza Plateau.

Can Blix unearth the truth before the killer makes this journey her last?

Join Blix on this classic murder mystery set in glamorous 1920s Cairo from USA Today bestselling author Sara Rosett.